Shorkey now offers RECREATION THERAPY!

Recreation Therapy utilizes a medical and evidence based approach to leisure activities to accomplish the needs & goals of the client in cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual domains. Recreation Therapy is utilized and benefits all populations and diagnoses because it is adapted for individual needs! Rec. Therapy also provides an opportunity for children in therapy to apply the skills they achieve in a safe environment.

Possibilities can only become reality with opportunities.

We have one CTRS, on staff to manage adaptive programs. With the assistance of our highly trained staff of professionals and volunteers support we will offer programs to provide children the opportunity have fun in a variety of leisure activities.

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Pathways for Challenging Behavior

Pathways – This program is designed to empower parents by providing current research and evidence-based intervention strategies in order to address the unique needs of their child with autism. Pathways is based on Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (NDBI), a combination of ABA techniques and developmental science. Pathways is a 12 chapter program that allows parents and their children (aged 0-5) to work at their own pace to improve overall social engagement and communication.

The program also benefits children that struggle with behavior, social development, and/or self-regulation.

Requirements: Your child does not need a diagnosis of autism to receive intervention.

Does your child struggle with their emotions, anger, frustration, tantrums, transitions from one activity to another, social interaction, self-regulation, eye contact, or playing appropriately with toys? 

Pathways Early Intervention 

Parenting does not come with a manual, you say.  

Well, Pathways Early Intervention provides a manual. 

The Pathways Early Intervention Program is a research-based Parent & Child Interactive Program lead by a trained interventionist. This program is designed for 1.5 hour sessions. However, this can be too long for some children and two 45-minute sessions may be more feasible. The program is designed for 12 weeks but could take a little longer depending on child’s progress. The program fosters language development, regulating behavior, and parent -child connection.  

Financial Assistance

Shorkey has secured funding to support the program; without the funding support the program would be $150 a session. Financial assistance can be considered with application and proof of income. PATHWAYS is not supported by insurance at this time.

Ages 0-3

Spindletop MHMR Services

Ages 3-5

Clarissa Hernandez


Private Lessons

$30 for ½ Lesson or 4 for $100

Please email Raquel –

Fall Group Schedule

Available July 25, 2022

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