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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy provides skilled therapeutic exercise to address issues with weak trunk and extremity muscles, postural control, coordination, balance, flexibility, motor planning, and motor control.

Pediatric Physical Therapy requires a physician’s prescription for evaluation and treatment. If you feel your child needs therapy, please contact your child’s pediatrician.

Our Therapists Orthotic evaluation, implementation of Orthotic braces, and training/use of adaptive equipment are also areas the Physical Therapist can address.

About the Program

Pediatric Physical Therapy professionals provide individualized assessments and develop a plan of care based on the patients impairments and functional limitations. Our PT staff provide treatments and develop individualized home exercise programs to improve the child’s strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, and mobility, The treatments will enhance the child’s gross motor skills and functional independence and encourage exploration of their environments. The physical therapist performs orthotic and equipment evaluations, and, with the aid of the PT staff, implement the use of orthotics and equipment into the child’s treatments and home exercise plans. The PT staff assist with parent training to effectively utilize all equipment at home, school, and community settings.

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