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Christmas Card Fundraiser

Our 2021, 29th Annual Christmas Fundraiser has ended.

If you are still interested in purchasing cards, we have cards from past years in our front office. Please call the front office, 409-838-6568, or email Dani Riddle at to purchase Christmas cards. Thank you.

30th Annual Christmas Card Fundraiser

August 8th – Our kids start designing their cards AND we will start contacting sponsors to pick a sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our kids cards, please see the flyer below. 

August 15th – Sponsors will pick their cards. At this time, sponsors will need to send logos, or names of what they want on the back of the card, AND if they would like to change their greetings. 

August 26th – LAST DAY to pick a sponsorship, card, AND deliver logos/names/greetings. 

September 16th – Brochures are printed and we will start taking family orders. Brochures will be in the front office, sent home with kids, AND posted on our facebook page. 

September 19th – Sponsors will order extra cards if necessary. 

November 4th – LAST DAY TO TAKE ALL ORDERS OR EXTRA CARD ORDERS! There will be no exceptions this year! 

December 1st-2nd – Delivery days for sponsors. All cards will be done and printed at this time. If your cards are not delivered to you, you will be notified to pick them up at the front office of the Shorkey Center 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or are interested in participating, please contact Dani Riddle at or 409-838-6568.

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